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Rent a Recruiter

  • 1st hour – Review Job Description/Posting and Post job to Idea Applicant Tracking System (200+websites)

  • Hours 2+ Until you hire a candidate – Active recruiting for your open position

Weekly billing – You tell us when to stop

$89/per hour

Buy a "Block" of Time

  • 10 Hours – Entry Level Positions  - $890

  • 20 Hours – Mid Level Admin and Support Accounting  positions - $1,780

  • 30 Hours – Mid Management Positions – $2670

  • 40 Hours – Technical Positions (IT, Engineers)  - $3,560

  • 50+ Hours – Executive Positions (Senior Management, C Suite, Specialized Jobs - $4,550

Per Month

Retainer Services

  • Monthly Recruiting retainer based on the # and type of positions typically open per month.  Rates can range from 10 hours per month to 300+ hours per month.

  • Idea recruiting department is staffed by experienced recruiters and all state of the art recruiting resources needed for optimum recruiting and hiring needs.  

$890+ month

One result from the downturn in the American economy is the reduction of Human Resources Departments of many medium to large companies. The HR staff that remains is smaller; however, the demands are as great or even greater than when there were more members on the team to share the workload.

Small businesses who may not have a HR department are not immune to feeling similar pains as those of the larger business and corporations. Small business owners have been forced to cut overhead, often reducing the management staff who handled their hiring and employee relations.

Companies, large and small, are looking for viable options to help recruit qualified candidates and handle the myriad of Human Resources requirements, questions, and issues.

One solution being embraced and implemented by HR departments and business owners alike is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

At Idea Recruitment, we use state of the art technology with an experienced team of Human Resources and Recruiting Professionals to deliver qualified placements within a compressed time period. With the expertise of their parent company Dynamic Corporate Solutions, Inc. (DCSI), Idea Recruitment offers what no other staffing resource can, advice from certified HR expects and up-to-date tools for best results.

The unique RPO programs offered by Idea Recruitment have been utilized to successfully augment recruiting teams of local and national companies; hire personnel in several states at time; outsource the HR/ Recruiting department for a regional bank; save clients thousands of dollars in recruiting fees; and provide clients with cost savings of more than 40% on previously used traditional staffing solutions.