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How am I placed on assignments?

We will call you as assignments arrive that fit your skill set. If you are not interested in an offered position, please let us know at that time. It is much better to refuse an assignment initially than to take the assignment and call us later to cancel.

During the call, we will tell you everything you need to know about the assignment to enable you to make a decision as to whether or not you are interested. Specific details include important information regarding location, pay rate, length of assignment, hours, dress code, and general culture and environment. Once you’ve accepted a position, we will provide the name of the company and directions to the job location.

Feel free to call us once a week when not on assignment to let us know that you are still available and looking for work.

What if the job duties are different when I get there or change during my assignment? 

If, for any reason, your job duties are changed or differ from the job description we gave you, give us a call. The change may have a significant impact on your pay rate.

What happens when I am on assignment?

Arrival Call:  We call our client on the morning of your first day to make sure you arrived on time and ready to work.


Quality Call:  On the afternoon of your first day, we call to make sure everything is going well. We want to be certain that you and our client are the right “fit."


Weekly Quality Check:  If this is a long term assignment, we call on a weekly basis to check in and make sure everything is still running smoothly.

What happens if I am going to be late for work or need to call out sick?

Always call the Idea Staffing office if you are running late for work or will be out sick. If you call after hours or early in the morning, please leave us a message.  We will call our client and let them know your situation as soon as possible. It is important for you to remember that Idea Staffing is your employer, not the client.

How do I get paid?

Fill out an Idea Staffing timesheet on a weekly basis. Our week ending date is Sunday. Make sure you fill it out completely and accurately (reference the “Perfect Timesheet”).  Timesheets are due in our office before 10:00AM on Monday following your workweek. If it is here on Monday, your paycheck will be available Thursday. If it is not here on Monday, you will not be paid until it is received and processed the following week.


Timesheets are available for download here.  You can also call our office at 904-592-4332 and have one faxed to you.

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